Monday, April 26, 2010


Another term has gone and past. And another Grad Show featuring some of my friends moving from Art Center up to the big leagues. On to the next one...
Jane's on her way. We had a couple of classes together in the past; top-notch stuff. Now go do big things! Let me squeeze in between that- I mean... Hi Jane and Suki. Speaking of Suki... those flowers WERE NOT from me.

You guys probably have seen Miguel on here before. He wanted me to capture the exhaustion in his eyes. I think I got his beautiful brown eyes instead.

You know I'm digging his piece to the right. You should already know.
Rats, I missed Lily.

But I didn't miss this guy. Carlo's popped up on this blog a number of times, looking like the handsome stud he is. I got to know him pretty well, having taken quite a few courses together in my beginning stages of Art Center. He's been pushing weight to the limits, from then on. Hey Carlo, how about you give me a job when I graduate in 5 months? No?

Now on to the upstairs of the Illustration Department walls. None of my people were there physically, but there work was there in full presence.

My dude, Patrick knows what he's doing.

I'm not being bias or anything, but this was probably my favorite from the night. The open space between the areas of the separate illustrations, mixed with clean white frames and the nostalgia human figures makes for a heavy and great solution.

Where did Christine go?
No sight of Ping either. Poop. More coming up.

by derekwong