Saturday, April 24, 2010


Probably my most favorite class this term, "Fine Art Photo" not only taught me more about photography, but a little about myself as well. Patience, persistence, craft, and creating images with more care and consideration in a position as a fine artist. Thank you Sam Davis, you're awesome.

My final portfolio was simply(?) titled, "7 Pretty Pink Flowers (in the psychedelic trip to the town of candy and mushrooms)". Yeahhhhhhh, you know you love it. Here are the first 3 out of the series of 7. The final 4 are coming right up.

1. Candy Hearts Make My Planet Spin. (Hallucinate)
I wonder who this heart balloon belonged to? It makes me imagine that the balloon was the end of a romantic relationship. On how the heart was left there, and no one wanted to rescue it. It’ll feel good letting our hearts float away, and allowing the next person to find us.

2. The Light That Colored Her Rainbow.
You know how people say “big blue world”? I always responded with “big black world”. But now I say “big fucking colorful world”. All thanks to her beautiful smile.

3. Sleeping With No Brain.
Is it terrible that I never want to grow up? Would it be possible for me to run around the playground, with no care in the world, with absolutely no responsibilities, holding onto the past like there’s no tomorrow? I don’t want to give it up. I wish I can stay a boy forever.

by derekwong