Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Other than my "We're All Animals" project, there were three other "Art Center Seen" installations posted around school last week. Hurry, some are still up and will be taken down sooner than you can blink.

But not Jeff's and Matt's crazy bridge installation. It was a one day deal and if you missed it, you missed out on life. Utilizing the bridge as literally a highway, the guys designed road and freeway signage that connected with the school's location.

California 76 South? Art Center was created in 1976.
This lane is for half of Art Center's population. Something like 1,800 feet of white and yellow tape stretches from one end to the other. That's kinda' a lot of tape. Melissa's project was a pretty funny one. Because we don't have windows in any of the doors in the building, why not make your own?! Well, kinda'. Walk around campus to know what I'm talking about.

Is that a snowman in room 202? Hurry up and run to the bathroom because on Friday, it'll be down. DOWN. All the way down to the toilet. Like it should be. And we have Jane, Mien, and Suzanne's installation on the grass. Going off the idea that Art Center doesn't have enough parking spots for students (true), they designed a parking lot in the only area where's there is enough room for one more. But there's a twist. Each space is as big as a twig. And you get tickets for nothing. Part Two coming soon...

by derekwong