Monday, November 2, 2009


If you haven't already stepped foot in the men and women restrooms near the Department Chairs Office, that actually worries me a lot. It's a surprise to me that some of you have no idea what's been going in there the past couple of days. But here's one reason on why you SHOULD go in there this week.

After two long nights of installation, from dawn to dusk, I finally present to you "We're All Animals", an installation found in both the men and women restrooms respectively. It's comprised of typographic messages posted up around the room to socially commentate the carelessness that some of you (guys and girls) take action in the restroom. From paper towels to used toilet paper lying around, we're going nowhere but down hill. But this isn't only directed to students at the school; I'm talking about everybody who steps through the entrance doors. I'm talking about security guards, office workers, cafeteria chefs, our own department chairs, the new President (!!!) and of course some of our professors.

Take a look around. Here's just a look at SOME of what you'll find in the restrooms. The rest is up to you to view the rest of the petting zoo...

by derekwong