Saturday, July 18, 2009


Long story short: Kevin calls me Thursday morning at midnight and tells me my scholarship review went through. Wait, you mean no one emailed me back in 2 weeks to tell me I was approved? You mean no one can email me directly and tell me I was a go to finalize my graphic design scholarship? You mean I have to stay up 'till 6 in the morning to get ready to show my work at 8?

Well, the joke is on you. I was built to win under pressure. While the 60+ tables looked EXACTLY the same with graphic work, I chose to go in another direction. More collage, photography and illustration. You should have seen the expressions on people's faces as they stood there and looked at my work. Somewhere between confused and satisfied.

Colton chose to go with the Fine Art route. Disappointed with how things went in the past with his scholarship review, he shut it down with a piece made from oil paint and hung it. Oh yeah, he also hung a saw he painted as well. (Look to the right) The whole piece was titled, "The Moment You Saw Something New". Oh, it was a moment they saw something new alright.

Kris and Paula.

Quack-man (Kevin) wins.

I went back to Hillside for a minute. Caught up with Brandon. Our conversation was too gnarly to put up online. Sorry.

by derekwong