Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Okay, here we go again. Thank you Kyle, Kevin, Shane, Colton, Tara, Brett, Ashley, Tracy, John, Eric, Alex, Rachelle, Rachelle's cute friend that I totally forgot her name, Justin, Ada, Carlo, Annabel, Bridget, Marcelles, our waitress who had to put up with Kyle's weird antics, Stephan at 21 Choices, that $10 dessert at Saladang(?!), the Pad Thai dish that I totally demolished, Brett's green curry dish that he didn't let me demolish, Tara's pregnant belly, Brett's scooter ride, Eric's sparkly shirt, Shane's sparkly scarf, Kevin's sparkly eyeshadow, and the weird waiter dude who wobbled like a penguin. Bottom's up, enjoy the short video.

by derekwong