Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As promised, the final 4 from "7 Pretty Pink Flowers (in the psychedelic trip to the town of candy and mushrooms)". No, I wasn't kidding around about the title.

4. Black Clouds of Empty Smoke. (Puff)
Staring at walls passes the time with curiosity and fascination. To me, this photo has some sort of lack of spirit to it. But through further wonder, there’s a story. The emptiness embodies an essence of mystery. I want to run into that black wall and dive into a world of space.

5. Drive to the Magical Remedy.
I don't know what to say.

6. Keep Your Face On.
I want to get in my car, become free, and drive off a cliff. If that means joining my grandfather in the heavens above, throw me the car keys right now. No one is here but me. And that’s alright. I would be okay dying alone.

7. Free Love. (Dead Flowers)
This line is everything that draws every human being together. This photo is more than just a floor. It’s empty. We’re empty. And sometimes, being empty can work miracles in the future. And it can ultimately kill us.

by derekwong