Wednesday, January 13, 2010


After two long years of on-and-off again progress, I finally present to you my final portfolio website: Derek Wong Design. But I use the word "final" lightly. You see, that's exactly the reason why it's taken me this long to put the actual website up. I get bored easily. But with the amount of material I've created, I have enough for a second launch. So I think we're on to something with this version. And the next.

Go ahead and flip through my Mixed Media category. I've probably said this a million times but working with my hands is a thing I love to do more than using a machine. I hope you can see the passion I put into each analog piece. (And don't forget to click the little white dot in each category for extended details!!!)

In my Illustration collection, please pay close attention to the details in each pen and paper composition. I'm a keen sucker for tiny bits that you think you can skip over, but really it's all in front of your face and you don't even know it. And it's beautiful.

And finally, my Photography set is one of my dearest inside the entire website. Look through the collection and you'll see why. Carrying around a camera is a must for me. Not only for this blog in particular, but to capture something that you'll only get to retain in a second without missing it, well, that's the allure in everything I see in the universe.

Like I said, building the website was a joy in itself. The journey it took to create it is far more interesting than what you see visually today. Absolutely everything you see is a direct reflection on what has happened in my personal life in 3 years time. Heartbreak, death, happiness, loss and finding religion are only a few things that I'm talking about.

Enjoy the website. But importantly, enjoy life.

And oh yeah, look closely, you might find some hidden links floating around. See what I'm talking about with "details"?

by derekwong