Thursday, January 22, 2009


After the smoke cleared (literally), some people stayed for some very odd reason. No, but really, we were planning on grabbing a late-night dinner with the people who arrived late due to out-of-town drives, work, directional problems or perhaps they wanted to skip the madness in the daytime and creep out through the night. I actually respect that decision because I'm still recovering from the massive headache I received on Saturday. No, no alcohol, but just a lot of yapping and walking around to the millions of people who showed up. But it was all well worth it at the end. Friends and family rule the world.

Right Rachel?

Justin skipped the dinner plans to catch a few zzzzzzzs. He was gone after his 27th beer. I think it was 27.

If you've seen the first installment of the Photobooth Series, then you probably spotted a real cute little baby lingering. That's Rachel's little one, Lily. Sweet.

Annabel made a late appearance. Oh well, better late than never...

Cute... all three I mean.

: )

Ultimate late-night joint invasion. Sorry to our waiter Tommy for our really slow takeover. Props to IHOP.



by derekstars