Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Great, one more outlet for my ex-girlfriend to stalk me at. @_@

You guys already know that I'm all for analog processes. 35mm film, pen on paper, paint, collage—handmade stuff is my kind of thing. But that doesn't mean I'm throwing this technology stuff out the window. I caved in this week and picked up the iPhone 4. I'll say one thing: whoa. The thing is awesome, I love it. I also love that Hipstamatic thing you can buy for only two bucks. Going along with that fine piece of software, it's as instant as a click of a button. Literally. I admire how immediate it is when I just want to share something at that time. If that's where technology is heading, I'm all for it. So when I'm not carrying around my big ol' 7D around, I'm breaking out the phone and shooting a picture. That's where my new Tumblr blog comes in.

Go ahead and follow along at my "Clear Purple Skies" Tumblr blog for all your speedy needs. I'll probably be sharing more and more writing as well on there. But keep checking both blogs! There's always room for two. See you on the other side with a great big smile:

by derekwong