Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Remember I told you about the posters around school? Well, shorn has finally arrived. And they arrived with love and care...

Over a span of 14 (very long) weeks, a collective of seven students ranging from illustration, graphic design, fine art, and one advertising guy, pumped out a masterpiece. Yeah, I just that. A compendium of hair was the final result of the class. Short stories were the main focus, as we all lent our creative writing skills at hand. The illustrations and photography complement each piece, as well as just creating spot imagery. I personally lent my hand in two of the three photo essay's inside, the cover shot, and the design layout of the final piece. You can even read my two short stories featured inside!

112 pages of goodness, printed on #50 bond paper, a two color job, and just plain GREATNESS.

$8 a copy,
get yours NOW! I'll be making a Paypal link soon, so wait up.

For now, email me if you're interested in purchasing a copy. I'll ship one to ya'.

by derekwong