Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Laker Nation. Yesterday spawned the 2010 NBA champion's celebration parade in Downtown Los Angeles. I didn't go to last years, and I wasn't planning on going this year but... Kyle made me! Nah, we both made it a point to try to sneak a photo in with a Laker Girl or two, but that never happened. I don't think it ever will.

Get your $10 Laker t-shirts here, folks.

Going in, you would hear about the crazy folks painting the city red and lighting things on fire, flipping cars over and running around with underwear on their head (one of those aren't true). But that wasn't the case at all. Celebrating a fun and happy time in the city SAFELY was top priority on these guys' list. Shoot, it better be with all the taxes we're paying (that's another story...).

Notice #1: that is NOT the guy from the James Bond movies on the t-shirt.

Takin' it back.

Aside from seeing millions of purple and gold apparel, you saw a lot of these kinds of things. You know, the "F&@%(^&$)%#( the Celtics" ordeals. This guy has the right idea.

Notice #2: that is NOT Kobe Bryant in front of me.

CRAZY-GOLD-SHINY-WIG-THINGY! YEAH!.. more coming up shortly.

by derekwong