Thursday, May 13, 2010


Okay, I lied- one more post from New York. But thank goodness it's a short one. 3 from Coney Island... end!

Kyle and I joked that it was a ghost town around there. Some rides were spinning, half of the doors were open, and there were more yawns than happy screams. But I kinda' dig that more than the traditional crowd of things. That's where the real magic surfaces, when no one cares and the true beauty is in nothing.

I wanted a ticket; instead I got an empty booth of zip, zilch, and nada. I just caught the sign that reads, "Bumper Cars $6". I wonder how that would have went...

You already know how I operate. I go away from the masses and wander on some side street that no one seems to bother with. That's where this capture landed. Why the bus driver decided to park on the street while getting a breather?, I don't know. At least he didn't run over my foot to get there.

by derekwong