Saturday, April 10, 2010


Kyle's right, maybe I should just stop with all the New York posts and just spit out 7 of my favorite from the 80 or so batch of pictures taken throughout the trip. I'm thinking of saving the rest for the relaunch of my website in a year (which probably means 3) or so. These were hard to finalize, but I guess that's what makes them sweeter than they really are.

Each photo has their own story embodied into them. A sense of history, an emotional feeling of New York flavor, a small pinch of California seasoning, and no matter how it came out, it's mine forever. And how the picture was taken, makes for a better story:

Like this one. This was taken in Bedstuy. The last day in New York was pretty free as far as time constraints, so I decided to hop on the A train, get lost, and snap photos. I felt like a wandering boy, where everything was backed up with excitement, and at that time, the feeling was filled with liberation.
I think we forget to look up sometimes. Metaphorically speaking, staying positive and not always finding the bad side of things. But physically, looking up to the sky works wonders. Get out of your box on a narrow path, and enjoy the scenery around you. This was also taken in Bedstuy. Chelsea, Manhattan. More lines and angles, but it's the brick structure that I admire. Color, the strength of the building made of bricks, the light pole sticking up, all on a gray and cloudy day. It doesn't get any better than that. Or does it? Somewhere in East Village. You know where I'm coming from with the sense of human connection. From building to building, wires fasten from one to the other. What I'm trying to say is, we are the same. Only I'm cuter. I think. The High Line deep in the roots of Manhattan. Come on, is an explanation even necessary? I guess not, because I'm not going any further. Let your mind do the tricks. Shoot, I forgot where I shot this. It's somewhere between 32nd street in Manhattan, that's all I know. But it's the trees that really matter! They were full of life, a side street that was packed of springing trees that stretched about a half a mile. With that being said, the brick building to the left adds a slap in the face. SMACK! Ouch. I'm starting to think that moving to Chelsea would be a great idea in the future... Anyway, just catching different scenes to capture can be very refreshing to the soul. And that's not such a bad idea when dealing with "The City that Never Sleeps". Black wall. I hope it's obvious that black is my favorite color.

by derekwong