Friday, January 1, 2010

OH 9.

Black, white or gray. LDS. Long hair. Kanye West. Orange Grove Boulevard. "Dark Side of the Light". The Hundreds: The Feed. Mixed Media. The Fackrells. Korean BBQ. Roses On Stars. line. Zine. Rosarito's #2. "Welcome to Heartbreak". Quackman. Top Ramen. Juxtapoz Online. Facebook chat. Darin and Erin Yatsui. Vegas. PCC Flea Market. Lily. Yogurtland. 21. Archetype Press. The Happy Lion. San Francisco. Grandma. Professor Clane Graves. "We're All Animals". Arcadia. "Fo(u)r Men". Twitter. Los Angeles Lakers. Ed Fella. Sunset. Button-ups. Hair gel. Pens. Boat shoes. Zooey Deschanel. Straight-edge. 2 a.m. at Kinko's. The Corry's. Misty. Taco nights. Cold water showers. Reading.

by derekwong