Tuesday, January 5, 2010


After sushi, we made a quick pit-stop at Ho Chin Supermarket, a neighborhood grocery for the locals. Originally an outlet for the Chinese-speaking folk, you'll still catch a non-Asian in here from time to time. But it ain't a great chance. Back when I was a well-behaved peewee, our grandparents would take my brothers and I here for the candy. It was easy since they lived down the street. I actually use to hate physically going into the place. It smelled (and still smells) like old fermented grass and skunk butt mixed in a blender. But dang, the candy is awesome.

The veggies are top notch, too.
Surprise, surprise, I JUST found out a month ago that they had a dim-sum shop hiding in the back. My Dad said they ship it fresh straight from San Francisco only two days a week. And no I'm not telling what days they are because it goes in a snap. The old people throw elbows for it.
Can't forget about the novelties, they got everything in here. I think I even saw a time machine creeping through the shadows in the back.
You won't find any problems searching for a bag of noodles here.
Ho Chin wins.

by derekwong