Saturday, November 7, 2009


As promised, 'Part Two' of the "Art Center Seen" projects that were presented Friday. Four more installations were up and running including Amelda's nature creation:

Cutting gigantic letterforms that spell out a quote from John Muir (!!!), she utilizes the breaks and cracks the school has to offer. Using time and ordinary beauty from Mother Nature's flaws was taken into close consideration here. I think it's still up so sprint to the East Bridge now.

Michael was up to bat with his redesign of the recycle messaging situation. Going beyond the two-dimensional printed informational poster, Michael created two pieces that pops out and slaps you in your face.

The appointed arrow directs you down to which bin to throw your stuff in. But this ain't your ordinary arrow.

Chris sheds light on the ever-growing trash accumulation on our Los Angeles beaches. A huge animated short that screens on the cafeteria wall? Okay, eat your burger and read about it at the same time. Oops, there's ketchup on your shirt, buddy.

And last but not least, we get hit with some shadows from Xiao and Michelle's project. This was cool. Articulately sticking tape on a window, the sun hits the transparent tape and reflects a word on the ground. The ground is then already taped halfway to reveal the entire word. Sound confusing? Look below:

At exactly 9:10 a.m., we all ran to their installation and saw the direct shadows their door piece read.

On to the next one...

by derekwong