Sunday, October 25, 2009


Friday night was the opening reception for "The Dark Side of the Light" featuring the work of about 25 photographers, from two including my very own brother, and a fellow Brookie, Maria Laxamana. You do remember Maria, don't you? She was 1/3 of the "Blue Magic" members photo show last April 2008 with Kyle and Martha Galvan. But it looked like old times, minus Martha, add 23 new photographers, relocate to Glendale, add a month of showing and you got yourself a brand new art show worth checking out.

But too bad Kyle won't be there when you're there. Unless you call him and bribe 'em with a slice of pepperoni pizza and garlic cheese bread. And then maybe he'll be there to show you around the gallery spot. Just maybe.

Kyle's pretty wall.

There's Maria looking cool with her black leather jacket.

Well-well-well, look who decided to show up... Kyle already mentioned that he (and we) have a great bunch of friends who are willing to drive from far away places to come and support Kyle's show. No matter the distance, they're right there next to you.

Like Zach.

And Julianne from San Diego and Adrienne (who I haven't seen in ages, who now lives in Silverlake).

Or how about Ryan? Who drove from Modesto to sneak attack Kyle. Ohhhh, so that's why you responded "Not Attending" on the Facebook event page... Good job.

Or even Justin and Ada who are too cool to even answer the Facebook event. Sneaky mofo's.

And then we get the busy-bee's from my side of town, Kevin, Colton, and Shane. Who managed to take the time from their hectic school (and work) troubles and came out to strengthen the cause.

That's all I got for you. But if you wanna' go to Kyle's blog, he has waaaaayyyyy more cooler photos and some video's coming shortly.

This blog doesn't do the opening reception any justice. The friends who made the amazing night possible is too grand to put into words. But I know that it's just another reason on why we call you guys our friends. Nah, FAMILY sounds more like it.

by derekwong