Monday, July 13, 2009


This is it. Do you remember that little thing I posted a while back? Well, after 4 full months of long nights, careful precision, numerous emails back and forth, several meetings and a couple of gnarly fistfights (kidding), line.: The Problem Issue, is finally here and will be up for grabs today, July 13th, 2009 for a mere $3. Limited to only 50 zines, each piece is hand-numbered with our own sweat, blood and tears.

Colton and I documented the long process throughout the construction of line. I figured that I would wait it out and share the photos after on the line. blog once the final zines were completed and take you on our journey. And then after we're done talking about our first issue, I will then proceed with our second issue that is already currently in the process of execution.

Below is Colton's designed cover. There's two covers? Yes, the other one is designed by me. 25 each.

Like I said, there are only 50 zines that were made. Maybe you can try to convince Colton to make more. Shoot, I already tried.

by derekwong