Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Believe it or not, I get complemented on my sense of fashion a lot. It's surprising to me since I grew up on soccer tournament t-shirts, ripped up-grass stained-soda spilled denim shorts and a pair of Converse tennis shoes with the holey sole on the bottom. Not much has changed. A question I hate answering is how many t-shirts, hats and shoes do I actually own and what my favorite is out of all of them. I don't really discuss numbers, but I think it would be rad to show you guys my top picks I live in.

I love to wear headwear. Whether it be a beanie, a fitted cap, a snapback or a "Blood Red" bandana (kidding), you can usually spot me with a headpiece. My favorite has to be my The Hundreds POST cap. The story behind it is priceless.

Choosing my favorite t-shirt was not easy. But I chose to run with this Hundreds t-shirt. It's simple and classic. And it's black, which is a HUGE plus.

I own a fair amount of tennis shoes. But I've had these dudes for about 9 (!) years now. It's weird that I still fit these since first kicking them in in 8th grade. We've been through the thick and the thin (literally, the sole is worn to the core). There's nothing like a great pair of black Chucks.

Honorable mentions...

That was fun. Any free clothes will be gladly accepted at any time.

by derekwong