Monday, February 2, 2009


Remember that one post where there was only a black and white box? Well, that was a hint to clue what's up next for this blog. If you were smart enough to understand that riddle, then this message doesn't apply to you. But for those who were somewhat bewildered, which is all of you, here's the explanation. For the whole month of February, every photo will be in black and white. I'm also putting the fisheye lens away in a box where no man can find. It's time to get dirty.

Speaking of dirty, Zach and Ryan came over for Kyle's art showing in Chinatown Saturday Night. (View his flicks HERE) Although I didn't make it out to dinner this time, I met up with the rest of the crew later that night after a long day and night of homework. Always a pleasure to catch up with Justin, Amanda, Alexandria, Kevin and Aya again for a few hours. See you guys soon.

Zach with painted fingernails. Yeah, painted red. Booyah!

Also, check back to my other blog for the on-going progress for a project about Sunset Boulevard. So... VOILA!

by derekstars